What are KPI's?

Having reliable and accurate data about your key business objectives gives you the insight you need to make data- driven decisions on both a large and small scale. Finding your most important business metrics, also known as your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), is a critical piece of the data puzzle in a business. In this how to guide, you’ll learn how to determine which KPIs are most important for you to monitor, how to produce data that is both reliable and accurate, and how to routinely report on your business’s performance.


Build closer relationships

Your website was likely designed to appeal to a broad audience, so your message isn’t specific, and people might not connect with it. Instead, sending traffic to landing pages that are targeted to the individual audience you’re targeting allows you to focus on one specific goal or offer. Tacoma Studios create conversion-driving pages for any goal you have in your business.

How Do Visitors Get to Landing Pages?

There are a few ways for your page visitors to get to your landing pages:

PAID ADS​ You pay to advertise your landing page on the internet. Paid ads are an easy way to direct traffic from Facebook, Google or similar sources to your landing page.

EMAILS​ You can send emails with links to a landing page.
YOUR WEBSITE​ You can create buttons and links on your website to drive visitors to strategic landing pages. SEARCH ENGINES​ You can organically direct those searching for related information to the landing page.

The Funnel

What's your customers journey?

Marketing and sales, a “funnel” refers to a series of events or interactions with a customer or lead that are predetermined. Funnels are intended to guide a customer or lead from point A to point B – point A might be having no awareness of a product, and point B might be purchasing it.

Broken funnels or no funnel at all means lost customers and lost revenue. Do you know your customers journey?

At Tacoma Studios we are experts and building effective funnels. Turn traffic into paying customers.


Awareness Stage


Consideration Stage


Decision Stage


Client Nurturing


Build closer relationships

Anyone who says automation removes the human element in your business is doing it wrong. Automation assures nobody will slip through the cracks, receive an irrelevant or untimely message, or feel ignored by your business.

Provide a consistent and pleasant experience

Automation doesn’t sleep, forget or take breaks. If someone opts in to an ebook in the middle of the night, your delivery sequence isn’t in the middle of its REM cycle — it’s making sure there’s a copy of your ebook delivered to that new lead’s inbox within minutes.

At Tacoma Studios we build systems that work around the clock. Meaning your customers are getting the consistent and pleasant experience they desire. The messages you wrote and designed are still from you, but they’re being organized and delivered without having to press send yourself.

Turn your business into an online selling machine